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  • Product Design and Development Services

    Product Design and Development Commission

    If customers have creative ideas for products, they can entrust us to bring them to life. UC UniK offers end-to-end services, from product design and development to mass production. We are also actively investing in research and development in the automotive electronics and vehicle circuit diagnostic fields. In these areas, we can undoubtedly provide you with satisfactory design and development services. If you are interested in cooperation with us, please feel free to contact us.
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    Collaborative Development

    In today's business environment, speed is crucial, and product development is no exception. If a product is launched too late, the likelihood of being overtaken by competitors increases. To address this pain point for our customers, UC UniK provides collaborative development services to help you accelerate your development process and seize opportunities in the aftermarket market.
  • Product Design Verification Services

DV (Design Verification) and PV (Process Validation) are critical verification stages in product development. The former is used to confirm whether the product design concept, once transformed into a physical form, aligns with the original design concept and functionalities, and whether any design modifications are necessary. The latter is employed to ensure the quality stability of the produced product through the mass production process. UC UniK’s engineering team, with experience in vehicle development, can provide customers with appropriate verification methods to ensure that the developed products meet their quality expectations.