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UC UniK Technology is Taiwan's leading manufacturer of trailer connectors. The company primarily focuses on sales and new product development in the aftermarket of the USA and Australia. We also collaborate with Tier 1 manufacturers who cooperate with famous automakers in North America to supply OE parts and serve the entire American market. With a capital investment of 80 million Taiwanese dollars, the company inaugurated a new facility in the Shulin Industrial Area in October 2022.

Through the establishment of an RD Center and the development of a new production base, the company is diversifying its sales model through technological development. We are working in partnership with multiple public American companies to develop, sell products and serve in the American market.

UC UniK Technology was founded in 2022 and subsequently merged with Taiwan Sheng Yeo(TSY) inc., inheriting over 35 years of industry experience in the automotive aftermarket. The company is dedicated to improving production technology, ensuring quality stability, and continuous improvement. In the face of price competition within the industry, we provide customers with unique value and services, place a strong emphasis on business integrity, assist customers in expanding their markets, and grow together with them, securing a strong position in the market.
UC UniK Technology places "IoT" as the core of its research and development technology. It combines automotive diagnostic systems and cloud application services to offer innovative products that have achieved initial success in the Australian market. It has also assisted its customers in winning the Annual New Product Award at the North American SEMA Show in both 2021 and 2022, which is the world's premier automotive specialty products trade event in Las Vegas. In 2023, we helped customers solve product design issues, successfully passed EMC testing, and obtained FCC certification in the United States.
The company is committed to achieving "sustainable business operation" based on the core principles of IATF 16949. It has established a new R&D team, developed a new product development process, and ensured the reliability, stability, and durability of new product development through DV/PV (Design Verification / Process Validation). With the implementation of supply chain management (SCM), the company has restructured and enhanced traditional manufacturing capacity, coupled with the establishment of new testing capabilities to meet customer expectations. Lean production is the fundamental guiding philosophy for manufacturing, with information technology integration through ERP systems and intelligent logistics systems to achieve production and sales synergy, increased production efficiency, waste reduction, and improved turnover.


UC UniK has been engaged in the field of trailer electrical connectors for a long time. Recognizing the arrival of the intelligent era and the flourishing development of the Internet of Vehicles (IoV), UC UniK understands that innovation and reform are necessary for trailer products in this era.Therefore, in addition to continuously serving as an expert in providing solutions for trailer electrical connectors, UC UniK has also entered the field of IoT and electronic products. In the future, UC UniK will take IoT technology as the core of product development and combine it with diagnostic technology and services to ensure the safety of users when towing trailers.
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In addition to product manufacturing innovation, UC UniK is also committed to becoming a business partner in development and design services. Whether it is a development project commissioned by a customer or collaborative cooperation with a customer to shorten the development cycle of new products, UC UniK begins by understanding market needs and establishes effective design and development projects. UC UniKhas transformed from a traditional company focused on manufacturing to an R&D and design service partner that creates added value for customers. We aim to become a trusted company for customers and partners.


QSS Spirit

Quality, Qualify

Service, Speed


UC UniK embraces the QSS spirit as its entrepreneurship and hopes to find business partners who identify with this spirit, as well as colleagues who join the UC UniK family and share the same values.

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Q: Quality/Qualify

The "Q" represents both quality and identity. Quality is the most important value for UC UniK, representing our commitment to uncompromising quality and our goal of achieving zero defects. It is also our promise to our customers, aiming to achieve customer satisfaction as our mission. We continuously uphold the strictest self-discipline to ensure the quality of our products and services.

The other aspect of "Q" is identity. UC UniK expects that the business partners we engage with and the colleagues we work with will genuinely identify with our company culture. This creates a shared understanding and willingness within the team to work together towards common goals. UC UniK strives to be a company that is consistently recognized and acknowledged by others.

S: Service

The first "S" represents service. UC UniK provides services to customers worldwide with the utmost sincerity. We also expect partners within the organization to serve each other and serve the team.

S: Speed

The second "S" represents UC UniK's emphasis on speed. In the face of a competitive and rapidly changing global business environment, we are committed to providing fast manufacturing and development services. This ensures that our partners can maintain their competitiveness in the market. We consider speed as a discipline and leverage the value of functional teams to drive continuous innovation and avoid complacency with the status quo.


The predecessor of UC UniK technology Ltd. was Taiwan sheng yeo(TSY) inc. which has a history of over 35 years since its establishment in 1985. The company has gone through six stages
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  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Product innovation
  3. Management quality improvement
  4. Introduction of information systems
  5. Company transformation
  6. Establishment of research and development units
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Former Chairman Mr. Wang, Ren-qing established the company based on his expertise in plastic injection molding. During the entrepreneurial period, the company started producing plastic products such as fishing lures and pacifiers in response to the demands of trading companies. As the production of plastic products became more mature, the company seized the opportunity to lay the foundation for its development in the following 30 years.
In summary, UC UniK’s spirit is represented by QSS: Quality/Qualify, Service, and Speed. The slogan "connect everyone to the world" signifies that UC UniK aims not only to make its products IoT-enabled but also to shift from passive order-taking manufacturing to rapid customer engagement. UC UniK strives to proactively understand customer needs, ensure manufacturing quality aligns with customer requirements, and create a sense of recognition among its customers.
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  1. 2023

    New IoT Product Unveiled at AAPEX and Achieve ISO 9001:2015 ANAB Certification

  2. 2022

    Build up RD center and moved to new factory

  3. 2021

    Business transformation

    However, although TSY took the first step toward informatization in 2018, it was necessary to have even more innovative power to continue to grow in an increasingly rapid-changing environment. According to the reason, in 2021, the newly appointed Chairman Wang, Hao-yu officially transformed TSY into UC UniK technology Ltd..He established a product development department and invested in research and development work. Research and development will be a key department for UC UniK 's future direction, leading UC UniK onto the path of the Internet of Things (IoT).

  4. 2020

    Production management system build-up

  5. 2018

    Introduced professional management system and ERP

    By 2017, the era of informatization had arrived, and concepts such as advanced microprocessors, big data, and AIoT began to flourish. These concepts not only had functional impacts on consumer products but also brought about revolutionary paradigm shifts in the manufacturing industry. The possibilities of implementing Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing officially caught the attention of manufacturers. This signified the urgent need for transformation toward informatization. Therefore, in 2018, TSY officially implemented an ERP system and reformed its management system to ensure that the introduction of ERP was not merely superficial. After the ERP implementation, the company's control over inventory materials increased by at least 30%.

  6. 2011

    Company extension

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  7. 2000


    In the year 2000, the era of the Internet began to rise, and manufacturing management could not afford to stand still in the face of technological advances. Therefore, TSY initiated quality management reforms and started computerizing administrative operations. From 2000 to 2008, the company obtained three ISO certifications, laying the seeds for the future development of modern corporate management.

  8. 1997

    In-house product development

  9. 1993

    Production technical improvement

  10. 1989

    Started the business in trailer connector

    In 1989, TSY fortuitously took over the product manufacturing and business of a trailer connector company, leading to product innovation. This role as an expert in trailer connector manufacturing has continued to this day.

  11. 1985

    TSY established

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